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Tommy Thompson: Embracing Life-Changing Opportunities

Tommy Thompson is a Richmond native and an entrepreneur, teacher, author, podcaster, husband to Weezie, and father of 3. Tommy shares their story of losing their daughter Perrin to cancer, and how that heart-wrenching experience led him and Weezie to visit Niger and become a part of building the Perrin School there. Tommy found his purpose in helping others find their own unique purpose and calling. With a seminary degree and a passion for teaching, writing, and communicating, he continues to inspire those who cross his path. You can listen to Tommy's podcast Space for Life here.

There's such an ease in staying in our comfort zone. There's such an ease in doing the things that are normal and just going day after day. But that's not where joy and life are to be found… My encouragement for everybody would be to just pick at least one thing that is a little bit out of your comfort zone, that is a broadening and expanding of yourself. – Tommy Thompson

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Tommy Thompson's journey to Niger
  • The transformative power of travel and exposure to different cultures
  • Taking small steps outside your comfort zone can broaden your perspective
  • The importance of saying yes to opportunities presented by God
  • The value of giving back and helping others grow in their faith
  • The Perrin School

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