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TJ + Cherie Evans: The Life-Changing Experience of Saying ‘Yes’ to Niger

On this episode, TJ and Cherie Evans, share their experiences and insights from saying ”yes” to Niger. One of the key themes that emerged from their conversation was the transformative power of saying yes to God's call. TJ initially hesitated to go on a missions trip but eventually went and realized that God qualifies those who are called. Cherie also emphasized the importance of the yearly missions trip as a reset for what is important in life. Their stories highlighted the need to keep the fire and passion from missions trips alive in everyday life. They also talked about the change in perspective they experienced after witnessing the poverty in Niger, leading to a greater appreciation for what they have. 

Only God can take something within us that's silly, really, and make it beautiful. It was just so Him, His presence there. – Cherie Evans

Play your role. Just do your part in it. Even if you feel unqualified, do it with excellence and God will do the rest. – TJ Evans

  • Discover the transformative power of mission trips and how they can spark a profound change within you.

  • Learn about the oftentimes unexpected but crucial importance of stepping out of your comfort zone.

  • Realize how love and compassion are pivotal in mission work, leading to incredible outcomes.

  • Understand the essential role of perspective and gratitude in shaping your outlook on life.

  • Uncover strategies to keep passion and fire burning in your day-to-day endeavors, ensuring fulfillment and satisfaction.

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