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Since April 2011*, LiveTen24 has worked with
66 Nigerien Partner Ministries
to complete 1,232 projects in Niger.
10,618,640 meals have been served.

*Through 06/2024

By giving $10.24 each month, 100% of your donation can help change lives in Niger, Africa. When you join LiveTen24, you enable us to continue to work toward improving health, water, orphan care, education, and micro-business through assisting and empowering our ministry partners in Niger. 

Consistently ranked as one of the two poorest nations in the world, Niger suffers from many deficiencies. Based on the criteria set by the United Nations, Niger is considered to be an LDC (Least Developed Country) or fourth world country. LiveTen24 wants to be a catalyst for reversing that tide. Yes, Niger is a nation with many obstacles to overcome. But for the people of Niger, there is hope. With a firmly fixed goal of affecting Nigeriens throughout the course of their lifetimes, LiveTen24 maintains a five-fold focus. Believing that lives can be impacted best by a lifelong commitment to the people we love and serve, LiveTen24‘s aim is to improve the quality of life in Niger and work to reverse the staggering statistic of only two out of five Nigeriens reaching adulthood. To this end, and for the sake of reaching Nigeriens with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we commit to utilizing 100% of LiveTen24 donations for our work in Niger, Africa.

Due to recurring famines and a lack of nutritional education as it relates to childhood development, it is probable that the adult Nigerien population lacks the ability to succeed educationally in comparison to populations that have received adequate nutrition during their formative years.  Chronic or ongoing malnutrition due to poverty and poor crop yields can be improved through grain banks and teaching better techniques to avoid the pitfalls of crop failure. Acute or crisis level malnutrition results in many deaths by starvation. LiveTen24 helps empower local health organizations through providing medical clinics, immunization campaigns, and assisting organizations providing ongoing medical care for Nigeriens.

In our work with wells and water, we have learned it’s not enough to provide the materials but we must also educate on the use and care of the wells. We are committed to regular inspection and repair of the wells in which we have partnered to ensure their mechanisms are in proper working order. These wells provide life- sustaining water to villagers who may otherwise have to walk many miles to secure potable water.

IPS InterPress Service refers to Africa as a continent of orphans. War, AIDS, malaria, cholera, and famine have gradually turned Africa into a land full of orphaned children and teenagers. In Niger alone, there are 800,000 orphans.  In a nation with a population of close to 18,000,000, that figure is staggering.  Assisting with basic needs, both practical and medical, through providing food, shelter, and education is a key to offering these children a safe, loving place to call home for the present and a hope for their future.

Experts agree education is key to unlocking potential and changing destinies. We believe Christian education to be the greatest way to make a marked difference in the future of this nation. We help schools provide an education from elementary through high school years to develop these young people into future leaders in their own communities. From school construction, providing a place for education to take place to offering teaching seminars for Nigerien teachers enabling them to be better educators. Topics include Health & Hygiene, Safety, AIDS, Computer Education to name a few.  Missionary schools are an important part of education in Niger as well. These schools enable those serving on the field in Niger to be confident their children are receiving a solid education while they are away from their homeland.  LiveTen24 also works with adults through career and continuing education programs.

Low income and economic vulnerability are two of the three criteria for being classified as an LDC or Least Developed Country, a term given by the United Nations to denote a country which exhibits the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development.  Niger is on that list. Micro-business development through trade schools – such as sewing centers, beauty, and cooking schools, etc. enable women to help support their families. Offering (seed money or financial loans) to encourage entrepreneurial endeavors is one way to begin to turn the economic tide in Niger. Providing business seminars, where Nigerien businessmen and women receive education in basic business practices, such as accounting, marketing, management, etc, will help ensure a greater possibility for success.