“and how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” Romans 10:14

Knowing faith without works is dead, we believe works apart from a clear, concise presentation of the gospel cannot yield eternal results. Opportunity for evangelism is at the heart of every Effective Ministries, Inc. endeavor.

Effective Ministries, Inc. (EMI) is a non-profit organization created to partner with other non-profit organizations working in Niger, Africa by empowering them to become more effective in their respective ministries. EMI manages LINK and LiveTen24 and has three main emphases in Niger; sending out mission teams, LiveTen24, and Schools for Niger, Africa. Our mission is to serve God through strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations focused on building a stronger presence of the ministry and gospel of Jesus Christ in the nation of Niger. Evangelism encompasses every expression of our work in Niger.
LINK Missions exists to provide mission opportunities for people to personally experience God through traveling to Niger with a team and joining Him in the work He is doing there. LINK offers 7-10 mission options per year including LiveTen24 Discovery/ Service, Medical, Music, and Youth.
LiveTen24 exists to assist in enabling our ministry partners to effectively make a measurable difference in the lives of Nigeriens throughout the course of their lifetimes. Our five-fold focus in Niger includes health, water, orphans, education, and micro-business.
Schools for Niger, Africa believes providing a Christian education for potential future leaders of Niger will have a profound impact on this nation. Schools for Niger, Africa exists to build Christ-centered schools which teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and offer academic excellence.
Keystone Partners are investing in the future of our work in Niger, Africa through consistent monthly donations designated specifically to support organizational expenses which enables us to remain committed to utilizing 100% of our LINK Missions, LiveTen24, and Schools for Niger, Africa donations for ministry purposes.

Effective Ministries, Inc. (EMI) is a registered 501 [c][3] non-profit [Tax ID# 20-0040501]