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Roger Novak: Seeking God’s Heart

Roger Novak, a musician and teacher, shares his transformative experience on a missions trip to Niger in this episode. Roger's decision to say yes to the opportunity deeply impacted his life and strengthened his faith. During his time in Niger, Roger was surprised by the joy he witnessed in the people, despite their difficult circumstances. He recalls visiting orphanages and seeing children who, despite being hungry and dirty, still had smiles on their faces. This experience taught him the importance of finding joy in life, even in the midst of challenges. A defining moment for Roger was participating in the rooftop gatherings during the trip. These gatherings allowed the team to process and reflect on their experiences each day. It was during these times that Roger felt a deep connection with God and had profound moments of prayer and introspection. Saying yes to Niger has had a significant impact on the way Roger thinks about the world, his faith, and how he lives his life today. 

God's heart is a process of growth. Seek to grow in compassion and love, even if it takes time. Trust in God's plan to continue shaping you in those areas. – Roger Novak

In This Episode:

  • Discovering the transformative power of embracing divine opportunities and its profound effect on your life and faith.

  • Uncovering the delight in challenging scenarios and explore the importance of fostering a joyful spirit.

  • Introspective rooftop conversations and their ability to forge a deeper connection with divinity.

  • Tracing the journey of developing compassion and empathy as an approach to align oneself more closely with the heart of the divine.

  • Learning about the boldness required to step outside one's comfort zone and seize the chance to spread love, the divine way. 

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