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Howe Rice: Embracing God’s Extraordinary Plan

In this episode, Howe Rice shares the importance of taking action and embracing discomfort in order to fulfill God's plans. He reminds listeners that it is the missed opportunities and actions that we should be concerned about. Howe encourages the audience to prioritize God and His plans over personal comfort, echoing the call of the Great Commission to spread the gospel to the nations. Through personal anecdotes and quotes, Rice highlights the power of belief and faith in overcoming obstacles and achieving what may seem impossible. By embracing a transformed mindset and having faith in God's ability, listeners are empowered to say yes to God's calling and make a lasting impact in the world. Join Howe and Michael as they talk about the inspiring journey of saying yes to God's calling. 

The daily disciplines of prayer, scripture, and small acts of faithfulness are just as important as the big things. They help build our belief that God can do great things through us. – Howe Rice

In This Episode:

  • The transformative power that lies in saying 'yes' to divine callings.
  • The profound impact of living out the Great Commission in your everyday life.
  • The immense potential that stepping out of your comfort zone can unlock.
  • The significance and impact of unwavering faith and belief in one's life.
  • Embracing the impossible can fuel you into taking decisive action.