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Listwella Donaldson: Experiencing Effective Ministry in Niger

Listwella Donaldson shares her transformative journey to Niger where her experiences highlighted the resilience and hope of the people she encountered there. This episode is a must-listen for open-minded individuals seeking to broaden their perspectives on international ministry. Listwella's story will inspire and encourage listeners to step out of their comfort zones and make the most of opportunities to see God's movement. Listwella's story transcends borders, reaching from her home in Philadelphia to countries like Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines. Yet, her trip to Niger holds a very special importance to her.

I love the fact that if you guys were to leave today, it would still continue and that's what I love. I saw the passion in people there for themselves, wanting to help themselves, and that was very powerful for me just to see that and just how effective it is. – Listwella Donaldson

In This Episode:

  • The profound shift of perspective regarding Niger's ministry and its people.
  • The transformative effects of the feeding programs on Niger's young children.
  • Stories of hope and radical transformation in the lives of Niger's orphaned boys.
  • The critical role of personal involvement and guidance when standing in the gap.
  • The motivator to step out of one's comfort zone and immerse in the moment.

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