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Stephen Jenkins: Life Changing Stories

In this episode of After Yes, Michael interviews Stephen Jenkins. Stephen lives in Richmond, Virginia and works in end-of-life care. Stephen talks about his experience of saying yes to travel to Niger and serve the people there. He also discusses how this trip impacted his spiritual and emotional wellbeing, his familiarity of the desert landscape, and the profound connection felt with the people he met. Stephen shares about his emotional connection to the land & how he felt welcomed and comfortable at home. He says that the trip was healing for him, both emotionally and physically. He believes that Niger changed him profoundly, and he thinks that everyone who goes there is changed on some level. 

“God says, I'm not sending you anywhere, I'm inviting you to come with me.”

Topics discussed:

  • How Stephen and Michael met
  • Stephen's life-changing experience visiting Niger
  • Stephen's initial hesitations about saying ”yes” to Niger
  • The transformative impact of the experiences in Niger
  • Stephen's defining moment in Niger
  • Being called back to Niger and saying yes to God's will

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