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Rod Parker: Finding Grace and Peace

Rod Parker's journey from a Maryland farm to serving as a Navy pilot in Vietnam to passionately pursuing Bible study and mentorship is an inspiring tale of selfless love and giving. Driven by his faith in the transformative power of grace and peace, Rod has made numerous trips to Niger, where he has witnessed firsthand the power of following God's call. Through his tireless dedication to helping others, Rod embodies the spirit of saying yes to God and embracing the abundant life that results from that choice. His story is sure to inspire and resonate with anyone looking to make a lasting impact through their faith.

“God has been extremely good to us, so much better than we deserve… You can't outgive God. He supplies your needs.” – Rod Parker

In this episode:

  • How compassionate actions can transform lives and create a positive impact in Niger
  • The importance of embracing our calling and living in obedience to a higher power
  • The hidden wonders of Niger's natural wonders and inspiring population
  • The role of selflessness and big-heartedness in nurturing relationships
  • The role of faith in cultivating our personal development and strengthening our resolve

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