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Mick Wienholt: How an Adamant “No” Turned to “Yes”

In this episode, Mick Wienholt shares his journey of saying “yes” to Niger. Mick is in his early 40s and has been married to his wife, Allison, for 15 years. They have been blessed with 4 kids, 3 of which are living. Mick shares how he accepted Christ at the age of 6 and then spent roughly the next 25 years running from any meaningful relationship with Jesus. It wasn't until he was 31 that God got his attention and he began to develop his walk with Jesus. 

“If it becomes a stretch experience or if you are recognizing it as something that would be incredibly uncomfortable, I can say from experience, God will meet you there and we'll take care of everything that you are worried about. So follow the Holy Spirit's prompting and go. Wherever that go is, go.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How Michael and Mick met
  • Mick’s acceptance of Christ and his relationship with Jesus
  • The initial conversation between Michael and Mick about Niger
  • Mick’s preconceived notions about Niger and his hesitance to go on a mission trip
  • Unexpected timing
  • Mick’s decision to go to Niger
  • Mick’s conversation with his wife about going to Niger

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