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Lee Hatcher: The Impact of Saying Yes

On this episode, Lee Hatcher shares his experience saying yes to Niger. Lee, a resident of Richmond, has two sons, and has recently gotten married. After an 18-year career in finance, he now owns three Mosquito Squad franchises in Richmond and Fredericksburg. During the conversation, Lee shares how he ended up going to Niger and how the experience has impacted his life.

“It’s amazing what He’s done in my heart and where He leads me now that I have learned to follow Him to one of the most difficult places in the world… I know it will change your life in a way that you will never believe before you go.”

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Lee’s personal journey to Niger and how the experience has impacted his life
  • The impact of the people of Niger and the trip on Lee’s overall perspective
  • Defining moments from the trip
  • The role of faith and God in the decision to go to Niger and how it has affected Lee’s spiritual growth
  • The culture and daily life in Niger
  • Reflections on the importance of service and volunteer work and how it can positively impact both the people being served and the volunteers themselves
  • Advice or encouragement for others considering getting involved in similar service work.
  • Lee’s future plans and desire to continue serving in Niger or other areas in need

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