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Josh Harper: Living Into God’s Plan For Your Life

In this episode, Michael Thaler interviews Josh Harper, who has said ”yes” to Niger 10x. Josh, a roofing business owner, shares how saying yes to Niger has impacted his life and the lives of his family members. He also talks about his ”Niger room” and how it serves as a daily reminder of the impact the country and its people have had on his life. Additionally, Josh discusses his role as a life coach for Effective Ministries and how he meets with LINK travelers upon their return to the US to help them examine what their next steps may be. Through Josh's experiences, listeners will gain insight into how saying ”yes” to God can lead to incredible personal growth and impact on the lives of those around us.

”We're just helping you along with what God's already placing on your heart. And there's just a piece that helps you remember that God does have a plan and a purpose, but we have to line up with that. There's a part for us to do.”

Topics discussed:

  • How Josh got involved in Niger through his dad's mission trips
  • Josh's experience of going to Niger and how it impacted his life and faith
  • Defining moments in Niger
  • How saying ”yes” to Niger impacted Josh's life
  • Josh's family's experience of going to Niger
  • The ”Niger Room” in Josh's house
  • The Moments of Reflection form that travelers fill out
  • The role of a life coach in helping people stay focused on what God is calling them to

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