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Jonathan + Ashley Lighty: Learning to Lean into the Unknown

In this episode, we are joined by Jonathan and Ashley, a couple with a busy household of five children, who share their inspiring journey of faith and adoption. They share their experience saying “yes” to Niger. Jonathan and Ashley open up about the defining moments that brought them closer to God, including adopting their daughter from Niger, and encountering the Holy Spirit while visiting an orphanage. They share their experiences with spiritual warfare, and how they learned to trust God's plan even in the face of doubts and challenges. Join us for this inspiring conversation about faith, family, and the power of saying yes to God's calling.

“Lean into the unknown, lean into God and let him just blow your socks off.”

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Jonathan and Ashley’s background

  • Meeting through a dodgeball tournament fundraiser for schools in Niger

  • Getting involved in mission trips to Niger and impressions of the country and its people

  • Witnessing strong faith in the Christians in Niger

  • The importance of being open to God's plan and removing busyness to hear Him better

  • The impact of adopting their daughter from Niger and other defining moments in their journey

  • Spiritual warfare

  • Saying yes to Niger and stepping out of their comfort zone to trust God's plan

  • Giving back to other countries in need and the importance of bringing family to witness other cultures

  • The Link Outreach Center and its multicultural environment

  • Encouragement to have open hearts, minds, and hands to let God do the impossible

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