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Geoff Lawrence: Hearing God’s Voice

In this episode, Geoff Lawrence shares how saying “yes” to Niger changed his life, and the lives of his whole family. Geoff is in the construction industry, and has been married to his wife for 16 years and they have four children, including one adopted from Niger. Geoff shares about how his defining moment was when he disconnected from his life in America to connect fully with what God wanted to do on the trip.

“Just to just experience the world around you and understand that the cultures are beautiful and that people throughout the world just need to be loved how Jesus has taught us to love each other.”

Topics Discussed:

  • How Michael and Geoff met through church and a dodgeball tournament
  • Geoff's decision to go to Niger, and how he was challenged to say yesThe level of despair and the arid environment in Niger
  • Living conditions in Niger
  • Geoff’s defining moment during his trip to Niger
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Geoff’s experience on a medical mission in the bush and the impact it had on him.
  • What God is doing in Niger