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Christine Lu: Being a Part of God’s Plan for Redeeming the World

In this episode, Christine Lu shares her experience traveling to Niger to serve the local people. Christine has a diverse background in English literature, teaching, seminary, freelance writing, photo styling, and law school. She currently works in marketing and communications at Equity Concepts. She went on the trip with Michael in 2020 and found it to be an incredible opportunity to see how everything connects. She was particularly impressed with how Effective Ministries acts as a conduit for supporting local ministries in Niger, and found it to be energizing and compelling.

“I think imagination is what can help us tap into the reality of who we are as beloved of God and get us excited to have a part in God’s plan of redeeming this world into a new creation. So we get to be a part of that. Let’s be a part of it,” 

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Christine’s background and how she met Michael
  • How Christine got on the trip to Niger
  • Christine’s initial reaction to the opportunity to go to Niger
  • Christine’s perspective on Effective Ministries and how it acts as a conduit for supporting local ministries in Niger
  • Christine’s favorite discovery during the trip
  • Christine’s defining perspective of the trip.

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