Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Where will the team stay during their mission?

Your mission accommodations will be at our own  LINK Outreach Center in Niamey, Niger.

Do you partner with other organizations?

We currently have over 66 organizations with which we partner in Niger, Africa. Healthy partnerships are the key to our longevity.

Do you offer specialized missions?

Yes, we do. We offer teams for women, men, couples, medical and business professionals. If you have a suggestion for a specialized team, please let us know.

What is your reputation in Niger, Africa?

We have worked with numerous international and in-country NGOs as well as government officials in Niger, Africa. Our working reputation and relationships in Niger are very strong.

How long has your organization been in operation?

Effective Ministries, Inc. has been loving and serving the people of Niger, Africa since our first LINK Mission in 2003.

How is it possible for 100% of my LiveTen24 donation go toward your work Niger, Africa?

Due in large part to generous organizational expense donors and our Keystone Partners, our LiveTen24 member donations are able to be spent entirely on Niger, Africa project funding.

How can I support the work you are doing in Niger?

There are serveral ways you can support us, through LiveTen24 membership, becoming a Keystone Partner, and by giving to Organizational Expenses to help offset our administrative costs.  Please contact us for more information.