Effective Ministries, Inc. | Schools for Niger, Africa | Chick-fil-A

When Howe Rice, Owner/Operator of several Chick-fil-A locations, decided to host a Charity Dodgeball Tournament in 2005, to raise money for Schools in Niger, Africa, the rest was, as they say, history. Now Chick-fil-A and sports tournaments have become part of our major fundraising for Schools for Niger, Africa. Since 2007, Chick-fil-A Atlanta has been enjoying tremendous success with their own golf tournament to benefit Schools for Niger, Africa. So put a team together and enter the competition to help raise awareness and funds for Schools for Niger, Africa. Or come out for a fun-filled family day to Chick-fil-A Richmond’s Operation Cow Drop  where you’ll be sure to see cows fly. For more information, please visit www.schoolsfornigerafrica.com

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