Capital: Niamey
Official Language: French
Area: 489,191 square miles
Greatest Distances: East-West: 1100 miles,  North-South: 825 miles
Elevation: Highest – Mt. Greboun 6,378 feet above sea level
Population: 22,440,000 people (2020 estimate – Density: 31 people/square mile; Distribution: 79% rural, 21% urban)
Chief Products: uranium ore
Agriculture – beans, cassava, cotton, hides and skins, livestock, millet, peanuts, peas, rice, sorghum
Mining – uranium, natron, phosphate, salt, tin, tungsten
Flag: Niger’s flag has three horizontal stripes – orange, white, and green (top to bottom).  An orange circle appears on the white stripe. flag
Currency: Basic unit – CFA franc.  CFA stands for Communaute Financiere Africaine (African Financial Community).
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