Before You Begin Your Application:

  • Please gather the following information to help expedite your application process:
    • Passport (if you already have one)
    • Medical Insurance Card with pre-authorization phone number and company address
    • Dates and types of the following immunizations: Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A series, Hepatitis B series, Meningococcal, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, MMR (Measels, Mumps, and Rubella), and Varicella (Chicken Pox) and Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis). If you have not received these immunizations yet, you can save them to your application later.
    • Name and address of your physician
    • List of email addresses you would like us to update during your mission
  • Begin and save the online application. Be sure to click the “Save Application to Finish Later” button. Please be sure to record your user name and password for future use.
  • Mail a $150 non-refundable deposit payable to EMI (Effective Ministries, Inc) to: Effective Ministries, Inc., 2550 Gaskins Road, Henrico, VA 23238. This non-refundable deposit secures your airplane ticket and place on the mission.

Prior to Your First Team Meeting:

  • Apply for or renew a passport (if necessary).
  • Apply for an Air France Flying Blue number. Save this to your application.
  • Review the Immunization Requirements and schedule an appointment for your shots. Remember to take the Immunization Checklist with you to your appointment so that it can be signed by the doctor or nurse administering your immunizations. If you have traveled with us to Niger before, contact The LINK™ office to see if any immunization updates are needed.
  • Complete and save your team application. You may only leave the passport and/or shot information blank if you are still waiting for your passport, and/or to receive your required shots. Be sure to click the “Save Application to Finish Later” button.
  • Begin the fundraising process: Fundraising Instructions and Sample Letters.

Complete and/or Bring to Your Second Team Meeting:

  • Complete your application with updated passport and immunization information. Be sure to click the “Submit Completed Application” button.
  • Bring your passport (sign page 1 in pen and complete the emergency contact info on page 4, 5 or 7 in pencil).
  • Bring your 3 passport-sized photos for the visa application (CVS Pharmacy).
  • Bring your completed and signed immunization checklist.
  • Bring your Yellow Fever Certificate.
    • Signed by nurse/doctor and stamped by the administering facility
    • Signed by you the traveler
  • Bring your balance due: please make checks payable to EMI (Effective Ministries, Inc).
  • Bring your spending money: please make checks payable to EMI (Effective Ministries, Inc).
  • If the traveler is under 18, please bring a signed and completed Travelers Under Age 18 form. This is your parental consent form. Please note: The last page of this form will need to be notarized in the presence of the minor and the parent or legal guardian of the minor.
  • Optional: Bring your completed Expense Reimbursement Form. 
  • Review the Niger Information Packet.

Additional Information:

Additional Traveler Downloads

Individual Mission Donor Tracking Sheet

Extra Traveler Update Emails Spreadsheet (you will need Excel)